Gallivanter baby

My baby’s first trip

A week before she completed 3 months, we decided to travel. I was feeling so claustrophobic and depressed for being stuck inside the house for so many months. Last two months of my pregnancy, I was so uncomfortable that the only trip I┬ámade was to go to see the doc. And after the baby was born, the story didn’t change significantly. My husband came back home for his winter vacations and the minute he landed, I told him if I don’t go out of town I am going to go mental. I need to see open space, I said. Since the sea isn’t very far from Calcutta (that’s where I stay), we decided to go on a short trip. My parents were excited too. I had told them about parasailing and boat rides in Digha and both, one 74 and one 68 really wanted to try their hands at it.

We decided we won’t go to the crowded Digha beach, but go to Udaipur beach which is not so popular and therefore, less crowded. It’s also right at the Bengal-Odisha border and all adventure sports happen in the Odisha side of the beach. We drove down. I was a little jittery going for a 4-5 hour car ride with such a tiny baby. But nervous as I was, I didn’t really care. My elder sister travelled to the hills from Delhi when her daughter was only 49 days old and my eldest sister went on a road trip with her daughter when she was 2 months old. My daughter was older than both before her first excursion so surely nothing could go wrong?

Well, nothing really did, actually. We had a near perfect trip. Whatever went wrong, was because I am a rookie mommy and didn’t quite plan ahead.

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