C-Sec or normal?

There was no question about it for me. Of course I’d go for normal delivery; I didn’t even give it a moment’s thought. My eldest sister had her first child when she was 38 through normal delivery, surely I could do it too?My second sister was tricked into c-sec by her gyne, so there was no way I’d trust these doctors. I was going to quit my job and shift base to my parents’ place for the duration of my pregnancy so I decided I would do my own research and listen to whatever my doctor said with a pinch of salt. I found a good gyne almost immediately after coming to Cal. I told her right at the beginning that I wanted to go for natural. The minute I said it, she discouraged me. You have rheumatoid arthritis, she said, you may not be able to push properly and I will not use forceps. Forceps? Just the thought of using those to pull out my baby freaked the life out of me. However, her discouragement made me even more determined to go for natural. I, who hated exercise of any form, started doing yoga. Lara Dutta’s prenatal yoga workout is brilliant by the way. The exercise routine was great for me. There were some bits that I couldn’t do because of my arthritis, but even for that there was solution in the workout. Then my husband’s cousin shared an absolute brilliant 4 and a half hour video on childbirth and related breathing and pushing exercises with me. For the last four months of my pregnancy, I practised everything as suggested in the video to the T. I wish I could share that too here but I don’t have the online version of it. I had read up that rheumatoid arthritis actually benefits from the pregnancy hormones and if that were to be the case, why would it affect me at child birth? I took my medicines (I was only allowed HCQS and my calcium medicine through my pregnancy) diligently. My gyne asked me to get my heart checked (apparently RA affects your heart) and everything came out normal. I was excited and happy, all prepared for normal delivery. Continue reading “C-Sec or normal?”