First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Yes, this is yet another blog on pregnancy and parenting. But this is an honest-to-god one. I never had the real picture of how pregnancy would be till I experienced it. My understanding of it was based on movies, where you throw up once, the whole world starts rejoicing and you spend the entire pregnancy happily, sucking on kaccha aam. All the discomfort only happens in the ninth month. Oh and you get crazy cravings in the middle of the night. I have two elder sisters who’ve had children and they never shared the true picture with me. The only new thing I learnt from them was that apparently you get a bad case of PMS. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought how difficult would it be?When I spent the first week of my pregnancy throwing up every morning, and discovered that my sense of smell has become like a dog’s, I realised just how badly mistaken I was. The first thing I did was buy What to expect when you’re expecting  (that book was my bible throughout my pregnancy) and then I read blogs. I was never into writing blogs or reading them till I got pregnant. And I found out just how helpful blogs were. I am the controlling, panicky sort of mother (it’s my first pregnancy/child, I should be given some slack!) who needs to know and understand pretty much every movement the baby makes, inside the womb and out!Most of the blogs I read during my pregnancy were written by Americans, and though they helped, I wished there were some useful blogs written by women based in India. That’s what motivated me to start this blog.  I’ve just had my baby, my tiny little Pocahontas, on 6th of October. I plan to share my pregnancy experiences in this blog, and how I learn to cope with motherhood-my successes, my failures, fears and frustrations.

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